Inspire Design Workshop Host & Creator, lulu Alexander (Photography: OfRen)

Inspire Design Workshop Host & Creator, lulu Alexander (Photography: OfRen)

As those who attended the first workshop know, I wholeheartedly believe that inspiration is a magical elixir that will fuel you forward to make big moves in your life and your business.  And I believe you can conjure up that precious elixir by feeding your creative soul through all the senses.  

Inspire is an intentionally and carefully crafted experience designed to engage attendees through sights, sounds and tastes, and to foster both learning and exploration of your craft while bonding with like-minded creatives over good food, wine and conversation.  And as someone who truly embraces the Hygge life myself, I try to make your off-hours just as comfortable and cozy, with thoughtful touches yummy to the touch and taste.

We do away almost entirely with computer screens, classroom style presentations and homework, and instead learn through doing, intimate groups, discussion and collaboration.   Each presenter has been selected, not only because they are total bosses at what they do but because they are INSPIRING, themselves, and incredibly warm, open and giving people, that just make you feel great to be around!

From the feedback I've received, many attendees found inspiration, friendship and renewed energy through the experience. So it should come as no surprise that I too, was inspired!  I've dreamed up a bunch of new features for the next workshop in New Orleans (March 10-13. 2019) to make the experience even better than the last, AND we're getting ready to kick off the next International Inspire Experience in the South of France (Sept 14-18, 2018).

We sold out half of our seats the week we opened registration for the last International Experience but I hope you'll grab your chance to reserve your seat at our table and join us for the next Inspire.

xo, lulu


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